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It’s super cold in Texas on this windy March day! Grab a cup of coffee with me and cozy up wherever you are, as you enjoy my tale of Brazilian origin. We received a microlot crop of Brazil coffee beans a few weeks back. (A microlot is a small crop of top grade, high quality coffee.) We luckily got our hands on it before it sold out and we are not mad about it. As you know, good things take time. Grown high above sea level on mountain side farms, the Brazil coffee farmers do most of the work by hand. The coffee cherries mature slowly, making it a must to hand pick them for optimal ripeness. This allows for only the best coffee cherries to be used for this particular Brazil coffee. They are then sorted, semi-washed and dried. You can definitely tell that extra effort was put into processing this specialty coffee.

Wow! Just wow! The aromas and flavors are so good. Hints of vanilla, hazelnut and cocoa leave you wanting more. It has a mild acidity with a crisp, light, satiny mouthfeel. It is the best Brazil we have had to date! It makes a delicious espresso, pour over and drip coffee.

It is ready to be deliciously brewed and enjoyed by you.

Don’t miss this fantastic coffee!

Place your order HERE. You won’t regret it!

Happy Brewing My Friends,

Betty & Esther

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