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New Year, New Coffee

Thank you to our great customers who made 2020 better than we could have ever dreamed of! Our coffee was enjoyed with family and friends in many homes. Ya'll are seriously the best!You helped us end 2020 with a big caffeinated "bang". I know, it's cheesy haha!

2021 is here and I'm excited to see our coffee reach more homes across the US as the year goes by! Despite 2020 being a rather crazy year, it went by so, so fast. It was a year of challenges and growth. Despite all the crazy, we made it through in one piece and are ever so thankful for everything we have!

On to "new things" for the New Year...

Our new Specialty House Blend is finally available for purchase online and at The Rusty Cricket in Seminole, TX. This coffee is absolutely divine! When we blended this one, we were delighted to find that the hazelnut we had been looking for, for so long, had finally made its appearance! Hazelnut tones, with a hint of honey and tropical fruit, make this cup unforgettable. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

We hope you and yours have a great year! Stay caffeinated and reach for the stars, my friend, you've got this!

Wishing you a Happy & Successful 2021

Until next time,

Betty @ Red Sand Roastery

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