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Coffee Now, Coffee Later, Coffee All Day Long

Are you as crazy about coffee as we are? We can drink coffee at anytime of day, any temperature and truly enjoy it! If you are like us and still need to sleep at night, you need to know that we have a Decaf Colombia Coffee for those late night coffee dates with friends.

The sugarcane decaffeination process is a cleaner, more economical way of removing caffeine from the green coffee bean. Since sugar cane is readily available in Colombia, this is a great way to bring us clean, decaffeinated coffee! Forget the traditional decaf that's filled with chemicals and change over to a cleaner way of drinking your decaf coffee. We promise, you and your body won't miss your old, chemical laden coffee.

Let me tell you, this coffee is amazing! It is roasted to a medium dark and makes a delicious drip coffee, pour over and espresso. Drink it black or add some cream, milk or whatever you like best and turn it into your favorite cup.

Order our Decaf Colombia Coffee on our website and collect points to use on a future purchase!

You can buy a cup of this delicious decaf coffee at the local Mochachino Coffee House and Bakery, at 109 N Main Street in Seminole, Texas. Plan to sit down and enjoy the awesome atmosphere they've created. You can find more info on their drinks and baked goods at .

P.S. Try any of their coffees and you are drinking Red Sand Roastery Coffee.

for serving our coffee to their awesome customers!

Stay Caffeinated My Friends and Have a Great Day!

The Red Sand Roastery Team,

Betty Dyck & Esther Friesen

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